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Throughout his time in the House, Representative Blackmon has served on a number of committees which are crucial to District 146. As the son of a veteran, the brother of a teacher and a small business owner, Representative Blackmon fights tirelessly for quality education, for small business owners and on behalf of Georgia’s large military population.

Committees help organize the most important work within the Georgia General Assembly, and play an essential role in our legislative process. A committee does what the Senate and the House of Representatives could not do as well individually by functioning as a whole.  Therefore, each member of the General Assembly sits on numerous committees.

Once a bill is brought forth by a legislator, the bill is assigned to a committee for further review. The committee is responsible for completing the initial groundwork of what the legislation is intended to do. Committee members often call experts in the respective subject area to testify on behalf or against the proposed legislation. Once in committee, the bill may have a hearing where the committee votes to move the bill forward or not. Click here for more information on Georgia’s legislative process!

Representative Blackmon is honored to serve on the following House committees: 

Ways & Means - Chairman
Appropriations - Ex-Officio
Governmental Affairs - Member
Insurance - Member 
Rules - Member
Small Business Development - Member 
Special Rules - Member
Technology & Infrastructure Innovation





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